“Hail Mary,

full of grace.

Thy sweet honey tongue,

thy cherry lips.”

-Elyse, Garret’s sister

Oh dear. ILY, mi hermana.

So, mmhmm. I’m basically and essentially a pumpkin pie, embellished with cinnamon and various exotic Indian spices, etc., rich chocolate-covered grasshopper legs, special-looking teal rocks that change color when wet, etc. etc.

Indie music is the path and the patch of my ears.

Contemporary art is the path of my mind and patterns are the patch of my eyes.

Antique furniture and writing is the path of my fingers.

Potpourri and allergies pretty much clogged up my sinuses, so I can’t smell. My nose has no path, but I must say it’s very nicely structured.

My tongue’s path is sushi and fried noodles. My belly’s got that as a patch too, I guess.

My lips’ path is the person who completes me. My heart’s patch is my lips.

I’m going to stop with the body parts before it gets funky.

That was a pretty deep moment. I think I see your energies now.

Damn, you all is sexy.


I guess I’m pretty okay. LOL who am I kidding? *is great*

myspace url: kiwiocto

aim: okg4rr3t


One Response to “let’s talk about our feelings”

  1. Elyse, Garret's sister said

    Ohh em gee muffin top!
    That’s me saying in thur!


    Love you more than the syrup on my ego brand waffles!


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