10/12/08 musings overview

Of the Day: “Mr. B Natural, you’re HOT!”


Mood: Moody.

Overall Topic: What a long week. Week 2 begins tomorrow.

I can’t say this week has been a total loss. Then again, it wasn’t any walk in the park.

(Mozilla just spellchecked the word “wasn’t”.)

I haven’t had time to blog in a few days; then again, it’s better for you. I would’ve been boring for sure.

I went to the football game on Friday. It was a nightmare because I couldn’t find any friends that wouldn’t stop smoking or arguing. Geeeeez.

I’m still looking for my iPod Touch, but I earned the rest of the money I needed to get a new one by designing someone’s new business card. It was really cool-looking.

Oh GOD, Ingrid Michaelson! Marry me plz? Your voice is so pretty, and your lyrics are really compelling.

I’ve discovered so many good things in the art world this week, as you can see. I have like, seven new films I want to see, four new albums I’m saving up for, and three new ones I already bought. Most importantly, I saw “Little Miss Sunshine”(incredible~) and I went to a botanical garden with a hedge maze.

I had a treasure hunt to go on with my good friend Rachel, because her aunt is part of some yuppie magic kit club or something? But it was so much fun. We chased each other through the hedge maze with our eyes closed, which was probably the best part.

Our dishwasher caught on fire(um, electrical). My two dogs were okay, and so were Elyse’s two birds, but my goldfish was left inside…


What a superchick, though! She stuck through it.

I guess it wasn’t that smart to worry about my goldfish, with her aquatic respiration and all.

I’ll talk about them tomorrow, when Week 2 begins. Byebye!

10/5/08 musings summary

Of the Day: “Good Time” by Brazilian Girls

(Use the Snap preview to press play if you want to stay on this page.)

Oh Brazilian Girls, how I love you all–none of whom are actually of Latino ethnicity, and only one of whom are female. BRILLIANT. JUST GENIUS. :)

Mood: Simmering

Overall Topic: The economy(not really), and skate parks where no skating takes place except for a foxy beige granny with a faux leather handbag.


It’s been a pretty long day, so I decided to throw in another post.

(After all, I wrote today’s post around midnight. LOL. You can pinpoint the need to write extra with a blindfold on.)

Elyse, Emily and I went to the skate park today.

However, I can’t skate and neither can Emily, so we tried rock climbing for like, the first or second time.

*sheltered much?*

It was pretty boring. We played ping-pong and Foosball and that’s about it.

Oh, and Iron man was playing silently on a projector. It was just kind of there, watching.

The climbing was fun, but then Elyse started skateboarding and Emily slept and I jogged around on the sidewalk.

The Killers are still in my brain. Sawdust has been playing forever and I watched my DVR’d episode of Saturday Night Live(yes, as in Last Night Live).

DVR makes everything more special. ;D

Anne Hathaway was hilarious. I thought she did a fantastic impression of Mary Poppins.

The human interactions competition made me cry laughing. I guess that’s just how I am, what with my social quirks.

After the movie, I saw my old friend Bethany, and I told her about how lame our thespian group was. We were going to be in the homecoming parade, but got kicked out because there were only nine of us. She then proceeded to tell me that she had 30 to 40 thespians marching in her parade.


I’m playing Tom in our school’s performance of Happy Daze this year. It should be fun, because everyone in the play actually has the ability to stay in character. xDD

Emily and Elyse saw some guy they knew, too. I asked who that was, and they said:

“Gay guy.”

Which was funny, because I then asked how he knew so early, in middle school, and Elyse said:

“How do you know?”

I was just like, “whut?”

She didn’t know either.

I asked Em who he was going out with. She was like,

“Smelly guy.”

Not a good combo, if I do say so myself.

& I’m not going to talk about religion here. I’m going to look for a soulmate no matter what gender they are. I believe everyone has someone to complete them, and it doesn’t have to be the opposite sex. So there.

Plus, I’m really not all that hardcore. I talk about religion very lightly, and am not candid about my feelings towards religion often. I just think people should help and not hurt. That’s what it all boils down to, IMHO.

I think it would be fun to see my book published, but where to I find the time, really?

I’ve already got rehearsals up and down, and swamps of homework.

Plus I have to get a job. I’ll work at Starbucks. That should get me about $100-250/wk. But what do I know about money? ROFL

I’ll do some good work there, but I think I, the caterpillar, have an internship first, then dishwashing before I get to crawl out of my chrysalis and become the beautiful butterfly that is a Starbucks barista.

Oh baby.

I think, in the meantime, I’ll try to sell my old PSP.

It’s too bad I can’t work eBay.

It’s like every time I log on, my keyboard turns into an eel. There is no expenditure of creative energy into an eBay listing even remotely possible on my part.

There used to be this one store called iSold It! in my town, but the eBay-based customer service wasn’t cutting it, or just not getting enough attention, because it shut down not long after we moved in.

Maybe we’re bad karma.


10/5/08 musings summary

Of the Day:

“Weenies touchin’!”

-Emily Hockman

Mood: Ravenous? >:D

Overall Topic: Talking about photos of myself, nighttime, and a bit of the film world.

Haha. I love staying up late, because you just start getting buzzed without even drinking.

*is a good kid; has never drunk or done drugs*

;] I’m’a keep it that way, hos.

Anyway, yeah. We found some old floppy disks for our piano(LMAO old school much?) and did some interpretive dance. It really contributed to releasing all of that extra stress on our backs. Now we’re healthy and not sore! Self-expression is the best thing since the single-celled organism that apparently brought everything around without God doing his thing.

Ha, that reminds me of my favorite TV show, Pushing Daisies.

It’s about this man named Ned who can bring dead things back to life when he touches them. But there’s a catch that I’ll leave you to figure out. *coaxes you to join Pushing Daisies fan-cult*

Everything makes me laugh when I’m tired. It’s a good feeling until you think about it a few days after the late-night bash of whatever kind. Then you just meet face-to-face with the crazy bitch you are. And it looks a bit like Bloody Mary(Dracula 2000 what what? i tend to mix up Omar Epps with Randy Jackson). But you still cherish it–unless it’s real ugly or starts trying to tear your naturally bronze flesh to shreds . . .

THEN IT’S NOT SO FRESH. THAT’S when you need to pray to an obscure saint–preferably the saint of night terrors and tan lines. I think her name was St. Hilton, but IDK.

*didn’t just say that out loud*

I don’t cherish T-Shirts as much as the next guy, really. I try to dress nicer than that.

Like the other day, when I wore a vest and belt with skinny jeans and Chucks to a football game(or, as I call it, a social event. I have a lot of faith in my football team and don’t usually have to watch. Consequently, I often proceed to seize the opportunity to run around behind the stadium and hit on strangers). Fashion is where it’s at. I wish more guys dressed nicely.

What makes me think of this is the fact that I saw Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist today, which had some really flattering clothes–

WAIT! I just had a vision that reminded me of something. I saw the word Borat, which reminded me that Sasha Baron Cohen was modeling some trash on a runway. It looked like that old junkyard lady from the Labyrinth. Seriously. There were oven mitts and pots attached to it. I thought it was a joke, but there was a model in a really legit dress behind him, and I don’t think it was a drag queen.

Then again, I could be seriously mistaken.

(I had a vision the other day, too, when we were being assigned new seats. The words “this is prejudiced” flashed before my eyes. It was like an apparition. Maybe it had something to do with following my dreams or something. Anyway, thanks Jesus! I’ll design a really pimp T-shirt iron-on with you on it.)

–So what was I saying? Oh yeah. N&N IP.


It was really good, and people need to get that not all indie movies are the same, but the people who make them have similarly unique(unique in the best way, as in not crummy mainstream morsels) taste in art and music, which makes it hard to make a preview that doesn’t look uncanny to Juno.

Basically, the movie could bring you closer to any friend you see it with because of its precious and sentimental ionic bonds of justice.


Like I said in my summary, I’ll be posting pics soon.

EDIT: I got mentioned in a fashion blog! Score 1 for Pandora the Explorer.


I also added a link or two . . . I realize not all my references are immediately recognized. )x

10/4/08 musings summary

Of the Day:

“If you cannot go to the homecoming dance,

be the homecoming dance.”

-Garret Woodward

Mood: Oh golly, I’ve got a weblog. What will I do with what little free time I have left?

Overall Topic: Clever ramblings about my quirks and antics. Let’s break the ice, baby. ;)


I can’t believe this is happening to me.


I’m really excited to fill this piñata of a blog full of sugary goodness, but you really should eat more green veggies in the meantime.

I wouldn’t reccommend, really, eating anything else that’s green, other than M&Ms and possibly a Dr. Suess book or two. *reference to 1960 literary culture alert! abren sus plumas y cuadernos!*

Oh, BTW, I’m not actually from Spain, or have anything to do with European culture whatsoever except for the fact that I’m Swedish. Does that really count? I mean, I know there are some nice little foreign Swedish films with abnormally small children, and they’ve their marvelous wooden clogs to make phat beats with while trampling their sidewalks, but what else keeps them from being a game of Where’s Waldo? on a map of the world? SRSLY FOLKS.

I really do love indie music. But, then again, most white people do. To me, music that isn’t under a major label has a lot more character and integrity to it. I don’t think I’d err make it into the actual business, though. Fine with me, I think I’ll keep “pretending”1 to rap(that is, until I get recognized for my loquacious talent) and watch my sister and her best friend Emily do interpretive dance to “Tranquilizer” by The Killers in last year’s Halloween costumes.

Oh, BTW the II. Elyse, my sister, is planning a Halloween costume party on November 1st.2

My birthday was two days ago(for those of you who don’t know how to subtract or use a computer, that would theoretically be October 2nd). All we did was go to P.F. Changs.

BUT IT’S ALL GOOD. *totally does not start tearing up*

1I’m getting better, kids. Okay? It sounds as awesome as a Weezer record massaged with honey, petroleum-based skin lotion, and feminine eau de toilette.

Or, at least, how it should sound with all that good stuff I mentioned rubbed all over it.

2Ain’t that just trendy? It’s on the day after Halloween so you can actually go out and buy that costume you would’ve worn(insert tween girl’s angry glare at her Botox-enhanced mother here) at a totally rad bargain price! Yes!


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